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Keep your finger on the Pulse

Exclusive business benefit for SGIA members

Would you like to know how your business is performing against the rest of the economy? Would you like exclusive access to economic insights, including business forecasts, to help you to plan ahead?

Available free to all SGIA members, Pulse uses official statistical data spanning a wide variety of indexes to build a trend report of the UK economic activity over the last two years. The raw data is converted into easy-to-read tables and trend charts and summarised by monthly and annual changes. See an example of the Pulse statistics here.

Delivered straight to your inbox, this monthly report includes statistics on consumer confidence, GDP growth, exchange rates, Consumer Price and Retail Price Index, sales, energy prices and much more, placing them in context against last month and last year.

Members can check in and see how domestic and worldwide events such as Brexit and Covid-19 have impacted the economy. With at-a-glance tables and charts, Pulse instantly tells them which market sectors are bouncing back the fastest and which are taking longer to recover.

Members can also determine which areas are likely to affect their business the most and take action to mitigate the costs to their business; being able to see an imminent rise in transport costs for example, means you can take timely action to minimise the impact on your business.

In the current unpredictable climate for businesses, members tell us that Pulse is a valuable asset and an integral part of their business planning, enabling them to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Pulse is also available to APSA members,

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