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Keiser and RockTape to sponsor Sports Elite Expo

Sports Elite Expo has already acquired two incredible show sponsorships for 2018.
Keiser UK Ltd has been announced as one of their show sponsors and RockTape UK will be sponsoring a game-changing masterclass. Both these companies have created innovative and effective sports equipment and/or products that can be used by top athletes, fitness fanatics and senior citizens.
Keiser bring together the science of the human body with the fundamental principles of engineering, to construct human-centred machines that elevate performance for all who use them. While sports training usually starts and ends within the limits of a machine, Keiser look at the potential of the human body and then develop smarter technology to unknow the limits of speed, efficiency and safety.
Keiser has been revolutionising the way people of different abilities and ages exercise, and have been improving their clients’ sporting ability and quality of life for over 40 years. Keiser machines are now used by more than 80 per cent of the top professional sports teams across the globe, including, American football champions, Olympians, soccer champions and baseball teams.
The Keiser sports equipment and products are sought-after by thousands of athletes and this is reflected in their sales figures. They have managed to sell more than 225,500 of just their Keiser indoor bikes worldwide.
Keiser has always been one step ahead of the industry, and still creates a full range of fitness products for all ages, such as their innovative pneumatic resistance machines. These machines are particularly well designed for senior citizens, as they ensure the muscles stay active and engaged throughout an entire range of motion and velocities, while reducing shock loading to muscles, connective tissues and joints.
RockTape UK is all about movement. They make products that help people of different sporting abilities and ages move better with the best kinesiology tape, comprehensive rehab, mobility equipment and fitness support products. RockTape discovered that tape can be used to actually enhance performance, and if athletes taped prior to exercising, it can increase blood flow to the muscles, whilst reducing fatigue.
RockTape differs from the other athletic tapes because it has been engineered to mimic the human skin, and this is the secret behind its revolutionary design. RockTape stretches up to 180 per cent of its original length and also has incredible ‘snap-back’, giving RockTape performance advantage over other tapes.
The company also offers a vast range of products to help any athlete’s performance or recovery. Their RockRub is an ingenious massage wax and is a great product for soft tissue work, particularly for small treatment areas as well as deeper tissue treatments.
All sponsors are important to Elite Sports Expo; they are an integral part of what makes it Europe’s biggest exhibition dedicated to the world of elite sports competition. They will be announcing more of their sponsors prior to the show’s return at the London ExCeL on June 6-7, 2018.

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