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Monique Choudhuri welcomes Brentford FC board opening as opportunity to increase diversity

Brentford are taking the rare step of advertising for a board member as they aim to become the most inclusive football club in the country.

It is commonplace for non-executive directors to be appointed by football clubs, but Brentford want to give themselves the best chance of making an appointment that is representative of diversity, after last year declaring they want to try and become the most inclusive club in the country.

Brentford director Monique Choudhuri who is also on the board at Women in Football, welcomes the move.

“We’re not as diverse as we could be,” Monique told Skys Sports News. “So we think if we have a diverse board that starts at the top, that filters down through the organisation, the organisation becomes much more diverse cognitively, professionally, in its domains and the way it operates.

“That then filters out to the fans, the community partners and sponsors, and they feel like they’re working with an organisation that’s wholly diverse and wholly inclusive because they see that it represents them.”

For full details about how to apply for this opportunity please click on the link here.

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