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Most STAG members fared well during bad weather

“I could not trade at all.”

“Sales were excellent.”

Two comments from STAG Buying Group members that highlight the contrasting fortunes of independent sports retailers during December.

“The weather had a massive impact on December trading leading up to Christmas in many ways,” says STAG managing director Ricky Chandler.

“Many high streets were inaccessible, out of town shopping centres were cut off and deliveries from mail order and online companies incurred massive delays – not great for anyone, apart from the retailers that managed to open their shops and take advantage of local consumers who were unable to reach stores further afield.”

The impact the weather had on people playing sport was also a major factor, says Chandler: “With sporting fixtures delayed or cancelled. the need for sporting equipment and accessories was therefore reduced.

“Generally, however, we feel that although the weather did not have a positive affect on already tough trading conditions, STAG members fared well when compared to some industries.”

Adds Chandler: “The adverse weather conditions were not bad for everyone, though.

“For instance, Hi-Tec achieved their best December sales for 17 years – an ‘in stock’ company that was able to take advantage of huge orders placed for immediate delivery of boots.

“As STAG and Freedom members were open to buy in December due to the lack of big forward orders, this certainly paid off.

“In fact, Hi-Tec achieved their highest level of turnover during 2010 with STAG ever.

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