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Firstly it delivers an unsurpassed line-up of panellists that includes the highest levels of decision-makers and agenda-setters in UK sport and business.

Secondly the 2008 Summit offers delegates a number of unique platforms from which to meet face-to-face the people who are shaping the future of sport.

Such is the importance of this second point to all participants that an array of networking initiatives have specifically been put in place to ensure that the every possible opportunity on the day are maximised.

Delegates can take advantage of the following opportunities to meet their fellow attendees on the day…

– Networking breakfast and coffee breaks throughout the day where all the delegates and panellists are provided with the opportunity for face-to-face meetings.
– A networking 3-course lunch during which delegates are individually placed on tables to provide them with quality time with their peers. 4 weeks before the event, all delegates will receive the full list of attendees and specific seating requirements will be available on request to ensure the maximum possible exposure to your potential clients.
– A post-Summit After Party during which all delegates and panellists are able to unwind to discuss the events of the day at their leisure.
– Breakout meeting rooms are available throughout the day for one-on-one private meetings with fellow delegates.
– Upon receipt of the list of delegates, should you require any specific introductions or meetings on the day, simply contact The Sport Industry Group office and we will do our best to facilitate your request.

We understand the importance of networking opportunities in the modern business climate and The FT Sport Industry Summit 2008 in association with the Honda Racing F1 Team’s earthdreams programme is constantly evolving to meet this crucial demand and deliver the perfect platform.

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