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In the last decade, women’s football has experienced an unprecedented period of growth commercially due to increased global interest among all stakeholders. However, there is plenty of work that needs to be done to unleash the game’s full potential and to ensure there is complete gender equality in football.

Back in September, Off The Pitch joined our #GetOnside campaign by pledging to introduce a new newsletter focusing on all things ‘off the pitch’ in the women’s game. Fast-forward three months and you can now subscribe to their new offering.

“At Off The Pitch, we want to help accelerate the growth of women’s football at all levels. We believe that a developing industry with limitless potential thrives best when inspired by innovation. Therefore, we have launched a weekly newsletter focused on all off the pitch factors in the women’s game,” says Mads Meisner, CEO and Co-Founder of Off The Pitch.

Every Thursday morning, Off The Pitch will bring an interview with an industry decision-maker. In the newsletter, you will also get a curated selection of the most important stories from the business of women’s football as Off The Pitch monitors 115 clubs globally as well as federations, governing bodies, and media.

“In summary, we will make sure you will never miss any developments and stay ahead of the curve in the evolving business of women’s football,” Meisner says.

Take a look at the latest Women’s Football newsletter here and you can subscribe here.

Off The Pitch is the go-to media platform for the European football industry. The outlet’s unparalleled journalism and newsletters attract an audience of senior leaders and decision-makers from the biggest clubs in Europe, financial institutions, leagues, governing bodies, investors, advisors, academic bodies and others.

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