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Portishead standing strong with The 401 Foundation

The 401 Foundation get that community feel with local Portishead woman raising funds for Educate the Kids and The 401 Foundation with a concert that brought together schools from across Portishead.

With more than six schools from across Portishead taking part in a rendition of The Greatest Showman’s “This is Me” and an evening full of singing and and dancing by children from across the local community and Africa the evening was commented as being a storming success. Charlotte Pinder from The 401 Foundation stated “This evening captured everything that The 401 Foundation is about, community and confidence boosting for people of all ages. We were delighted to have been chosen as one of the charities that this event raised money for. It not only raised money but also really encouraged children to push themselves and learn not only to concur their fear but to really feel like everyone was on stage with them as they performed. We are all about the community coming together and supporting each other and that is exactly what these people did.”

Organised by Tanya Marriott a local business woman and mother of two from Portishead the event, which is still continuing to raise money, has so far raised over £3,500 for the combined charities and is well on the way to her target amount.

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