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Public Health England launches framework to tackle inactivity

Public Health England launches framework to tackle inactivity

Public Health England (PHE) has published Everybody Active, Every Day, a framework for nationwide action to combat the physical inactivity epidemic. PHE’s latest statistics place inactivity responsible for one in six deaths in England and put the cost the country at an estimated £7.4bn a year.

The framework is the first consolidation of national and local priorities, including the Moving More, Living More commitment to a physical activity legacy from the 2012 Games, and NICE guidance. “This is the largest and most significant piece of work on physical activity done by PHE since the inception of the unit in 2013,” said FSPA Managing Director, Jane Montgomery. “It is a great indication that physical activity is starting to climb its way to becoming a top tier public health issue.”

PHE has co-produced the framework with stakeholders which has included the FSPA and is calling for action from providers and commissioners in a range of sectors to help achieve its goals.

To make active lifestyles a reality for all, the framework’s four areas for action aim to:
• Change the social ‘norm’ to make physical activity the expectation
• Develop expertise and leadership within professionals and volunteers
• Create environments to support active lives
• Identify and up-scale successful programmes nationwide.

PHE’s executive director of health and wellbeing, Professor Kevin Fenton, heralded the initiative as the chance to strike a decisive blow against one of the country’s silent killers, paving the way for future generations to lead healthy, independent lives. “Physical inactivity is unrecognised as a significant health, social and economic burden on individuals and communities in England,” said Fenton. “It is the fourth greatest cause of ill health in the UK, and a leading contributor to rising levels of many long-term conditions, such as obesity, diabetes and dementia. “If we get (the framework) right, the benefits will be shared by future generations leading to an increase in everyone’s chances of living a healthy, independent and fulfilling life.” – See more at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/from-evidence-into-action-opportunities-to-protect-and-improve-the-nations-health

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