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Running Industry Alliance (RIA) and Triathlon Industry Association (TIA) announce strategic merger and new Triathlon Industry Conference

At the heart of this new collaboration, RIA is extending a commitment to support the Triathlon Industry

Running Industry Alliance (RIA) and Triathlon Industry Association (TIA) are thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration effective immediately, which sees TIA merging into RIA. The goal of RIA x TIA is to foster synergy, industry connections and drive growth for both organisations, with running being a natural connection between them.

At the heart of this new collaboration, RIA is extending a commitment to support the Triathlon Industry. A key benefit for TIA members includes a new Triathlon Industry Conference dedicated day on Monday 9 December 2024 at RIA’s established annual Members event, The Running Conference (8th -10th December). This will enable discussions around the latest TIA market research, a spotlighting of challenges and opportunities facing Triathlon, as well as in-person meet-ups and networking.

TIA, a not-for-profit trade association, represents the interests of its members and promotes triathlon to a broader audience. Working closely with Great Britain’s national governing body, the British Triathlon Federation, TIA is dedicated to increasing triathlon participation.

RIA is an independent, member-based trade organisation that believes in healthy and collaborative efforts to grow the running industry and all parallels associated with it. RIA works closely with England Athletics, the membership and development body for grassroots Athletics and Running in England. RIA exists to collectively assist its members to drive the running industry forward to improve the sport and business of running.

Working closely together, TIA will leverage RIA’s established systems, networks and offerings. This will create greater synergy and opportunities for TIA’s continuation, growth and development into the future. A number of new initiatives to bolster the Triathlon Industry are in the pipeline and will be shared in the coming months.

The Triathlon Industry Association (TIA) board was 100% unanimous in its decision to work with Running Industry Alliance (RIA) after an initial approach earlier this year to gauge interest in assisting and collaborating with TIA, based on RIA’s exponential growth in just over two years.

Rebecca Richardson, Co-Lead at Running Industry Alliance, commented: “We are excited to join forces with TIA to further strengthen the respective triathlon and running industries, creating a balance and support across these two industries that has not been seen in this way before.

“We are very keen to make this work as a collective, keeping individual identity and focus for our associations whilst utilising shared resources and expertise. This collaboration will foster a more connected and prosperous way of working and generating growth for all respective members and across both the running and triathlon industries.”

Iain Hamilton, Chair of the Triathlon Industry Association, stated: “Working with RIA presents a fantastic opportunity for TIA to enhance our offerings and support our members more effectively, and we look forward to a successful partnership that benefits the entire industry.

“Given the importance of the running category as a funnel for triathlon participation, this new strategic merger makes absolute sense. We are all excited to work together for the positive benefit of all involved whilst launching the first Triathlon Industry Conference with joint cooperation and shared resources.”

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