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sales-i joins buying group

sales-i, the business, sales and customer intelligence solution for frontline sales people, has joined the STAG Buying Group.

Sara Chandler, director at STAG, says: “sales-i is a fantastic tool for sales people to professionalise their operation and to increase their sales – a real must have within today’s industry.”

sales-i provides sales people with timely, relevant information and quick, easy access to extensive customer relationship management data.

“As STAG’s most recent partners, we are pleased to have joined a network of thriving sports businesses,” says Simon Doyle, head of UK sales for sales-i.

“sales-i is an incredible bit of kit to have under your belt as a sales person and I’m glad that STAG and sales-i share a common goal of reducing costs and increasing the bottom line of every business.”

sales-i will be exhibiting at the STAG UK Summer Buying Show at the Cotswold Water Park on July 7-8.

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