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Selling Multifunctional Products Effectively – Buff Headwear

Founded by Juan Rojos as a multifunctional garment for use in the riding of motorcycles, Buff has rapidly become an essential item for all outdoor and sports enthusiasts. Recently named one of the top 40 most significant tools ever designed, Buff has a fascinating history and technical depth that you may not consider when looking at their product range.

Experimenting with different designs and processes in the early 90s, Juan eventually found a high performance microfibre that was breathable, moisture wicking and wind resistant that could replace the need for multiple neck and head garments worn when in the elements.

He then set about designing a proprietary knitting process that could manufacture his product to ensure enduring comfort and durability. This manufacturing process, which takes place on a specially developed tubular loom, achieves an unique seamless construction resulting in a particularly comfortable garment that is extremely durable and comfortable.

What may appear as a simple lightweight piece of fabric has a wonderful heritage and very technical background that needs to penetrate through to consumers to ensure they understand the brands heritage and benefit from the product’s versatility: Buff can be worn as a scarf, bandanna, headband, hat, facemask or wristband to name a few. Put simply, Buff headwear is uniquely versatile, designed to achieve a high level of comfort and protection from the elements and this needed to be understood by the consumer.

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