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SRG (social run group) powered by up & running fuelled by you.

Making running social and having a big emphasis on fun each week. The run groups start and finish at each of the up & running stores. From groups of 5 to 100 every group fun, free & friendly. No pressure running it’s all about having fun while keeping fit. No one is ever left behind the groups stick together, motivating and look after each other. All abilities are welcome and beginners are encouraged to join up.

With Dark nights starting to set in it’s the ideal time to join like minded people at any one of the 22 groups up and down the country. As far north as Gosforth (Newcastle) to Bournemouth in the south.

Complete 5 runs and you will get a Free SRG yellow Tshirt and become one of the fastest growing free running groups in the country.
Find a run near you visit for more details
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