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The 401 are to be supported by Nikki Love Runs

Nikki Love, who ran 63 marathons in 63 days, has set herself yet another challenge for this year.

As she attempts to run around Ireland Nikki Love will be spreading the word about the power of running to school children and to help raise money for The 401 Foundation.

Charlotte Pinder said: “We are delighted that Nikki has chosen to raise money and spread the word about The 401 Foundation as she runs her next challenge. As you know when The 401 Foundation was set up Ben Smith, our founder spent a lot of time on his challenge, and still does, talking to children about running and the positive effects that it has on everyone’s mental health.

“The more people that we can encourage to do this and to get involved with the communities that they are part of then the more we will be able to help. Nikki is going to be doing some great work over the next few months and we cannot wait to share and get involved.”

For more information and to get involved with The 401 Foundation go to or get in tough with

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