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The Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) will admit retailers as members

Luca Businaro, FESI President (on the left) and Lew Kimble, Foot Locker Europe President and CEO (on the right) at FESI’s General Assembly, 21st October 2014

• Foot Locker confirmed as first retailer to join
• Foot Locker Europe President and CEO Lew Kimble joins the FESI Board

The Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) will admit retailers as members for the first time in its history. After long discussions and much preparation, a recommendation to accept members from the retail sector was approved during FESI’s annual General Assembly, held on 20 and 21 October. Following the decision, Foot Locker Europe was confirmed as the first retailer that will join the organisation and the company’s President and CEO Lew Kimble will serve on the FESI Board.

Founded in the early 1960s, FESI is the representative body for the sporting goods sector in Europe. FESI engages with all European political institutions, along with other European authorities and bodies that are stakeholders in the industry. Until now, membership has been limited to sporting goods manufacturers and national associations. The decision to accept retail member is part of the organisation’s strategy to become truly representative of the whole sporting sector.

FESI President Luca Businaro comments:
“The decision to invite retailers to join FESI was a significant step and was only taken after much planning and debate. Our organisation seeks to represent the sporting goods sector at all levels within Europe and it was the view of the board that we will be able to do that more effectively with the added input of retailers. There is more overlap between suppliers and retailers than ever before and when dealing with European institutions, our industry is certainly going to be better served by us all working together.

“I am pleased that our General Assembly accepted the recommendations that were presented and look forward to welcoming new retail members over the coming months. It is great news that Foot Locker Europe is leading the way and I believe that the election of Lew Kimble to our board will send a signal to the whole sector that FESI is truly inclusive and representative of the sporting goods industry in Europe.”

Other important decisions were also taken during the FESI General Assembly. These included the appointment of Guiherme Athia of Nike as FESI’s Vice President and the formal acceptance of the newly created Turkish federation, Spor Markalari Dernegi (SMD) as a new member. In addition, delegates at the meeting agreed the need to increase investment in lobbying and communications activities.

Luca Businaro adds:
“This was an excellent and very constructive FESI General Assembly that clearly articulated our objectives and strategies for the next three years. The decisions that were made support those and will help us to achieve them, as we strive for a greater recognition of our sector throughout Europe. I am grateful to my fellow board members and our General Secretary, Alberto Bichi. Our team has demonstrated huge commitment and professionalism over a long period of time to get FESI to this important moment in its history.”

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