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The Impossible made Possible – Polartec

Named one of the 20th century’s greatest inventions by Time magazine, Polartec’s constant commitment to ‘Further The Science of Fabric’ has revolutionised how we dress for the outdoors.

Polartec’s wide range of materials and fabrics have characteristics never seen before and their creations perform at levels greater than anyone ever imagined. To remake entire industries by redefining what we wear when we go outside, Polartec is where the impossible is made possible…

Polartec have a fascinating history. Their fabrics are used in thousands of garments and by some of the biggest brand names in sport and outdoor stocked in your stores. Understanding the benefits of the Polartec material in your products is a great way for sales associates to demonstrate their expertise, connecting the consumer to the garment in more depth and creating greater experiences in store.

Learn more about Polartec today by connecting to their training within Myagi and see how their fabrics are impacting the outdoor industry daily across the globe.

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