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Women in Football release third film by shoot the company supporting #getonside campaign

Women in Football has launched the next phase of the high-impact #GetOnside campaign with a new film from official content partner Shoot the Company.

Since launching a year ago, the campaign has had support from major brands, Premier League football clubs and international footballers, all pledging to take action for gender equality in the football industry.

As the campaign’s official content partner, award-winning production agency Shoot the Company has produced a series of films to highlight and showcase the great work done by WIF and demonstrate how new brands can actively get involved.

In the latest film, first shown at WIF’s ‘Football came home’ event on 17 October 2022 before being released on WIF social channels, Shoot the Company captures the journey of former Lioness and Chelsea FC Ambassador Katie Chapman. Katie visits Pioneers Day, an event organised by Darren Smith, who pledged to #GetOnside by offering young girls an opportunity to try different taster sessions for different football-related careers and leave with a mindset that ‘this industry IS for me’.

#GetOnside sees each organisation make a specific pledge of action which will help to level the playing field for girls and women and make a real impact. Many women in the football industry still report that their careers are being held back because of their gender, and men continue to dominate the senior roles in football.

Expanding the message

Having worked with Women in Football for the launch of #GetOnside in September 2021, Shoot the Company has been providing content for the organisation to expand their message. As one of the UK’s leading boutique filmmakers, Shoot the Company has built a reputation across the sports industries for progressive and disruptive films over the last 15 years, while offering new opportunities to up and coming talent from diverse backgrounds to break into the industry.

Yvonne Harrison, CEO of Women in Football, said: “We love Shoot the Company’s work, and they’ve contributed hugely to the impact achieved by our #GetOnside campaign. The Shoot the Company team have been a delight to work with, and we’re really excited to launch the next phase of the campaign with another of their brilliant films.”

Sara Butler, Managing Director of Shoot the Company, said: “It’s been a pleasure to see the #GetOnside pledges resonate so well across this industry. Working alongside WIF to produce content that is inspiring more and more companies to open their doors and break down barriers for women and young girls to get into football is a real privilege to work on. We are incredibly proud to be working alongside WIF to create this content.”

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