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1000 MILE 4 Season Walk Sock Single Layer

The 1000 Mile 4 Season Walk Sock has carefully chosen padded zones to offer complete protection and comfort.

A padded heel extends to cover the Achilles tendon. Additional padded zones cushion the ankle bones, toes and ball of the foot areas.

The combination of soft merino wool with top and arch venting allows the foot to breathe. This can help maintain an even temperature of the foot within the shoes.

This product contains Merino Wool. Merino wool is one of softest types of wool available and is perfect for regulating body temperature. The wool provides warmth without overheating the wearer and its moisture wicking properties combined with being slightly moisture repellent allow the wearer to remain dry.

Single Layer.

Tear-drop shaped padded zone covers the ankle bone
Padded heel zone extends upwards to protect the Achilles tendon
Top & arch venting allows the foot to breathe and maintains an even temperature
Arch bracing for additional support & custom fit
Extra padding for toe, ball & upper mid-foot
Flat toe seam for reduce irritation

Men's 4 Season Walk Sock Single Layer – 2240

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