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1000 Mile Men’s Fusion Repreve Double Layer Sock

Conventional sock wisdom dictates that you can either have padding for protection and comfort, or two layers for reduced friction. Padded socks are thick, double layer socks are thin. The mid-calf length 1000 Mile Fusion Walk Sock breaks that mould with innovative design and material technology to provide a sock that offers everything: the 1000 Mile double layer sock’s blister-free guarantee with a soft durable outer and wicking inner, but with padded comfort and protection, including fulllength achilles tendon padding. Offers volume and warmth which is perfect for 3/4 season walking.

Arch bracing for additional support and custom fit
Extra padding for toe,ball and heel zones
Full Padded
Heel Zone extends upwards to protect the achilles tendon
Extra padding for toe, ball and heel zones
Double layer construction eliminates friction between foot and shoe, reducing wear and helping to prevent blisters
67% Recycled Content

Men's Fusion Repreve Double Layer Walking Sock – 2033

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