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5 reasons to stock darts product

Darts has been around for centuries. Legend has it that English archers threw cut-down arrows at the end of upturned beer barrels in an early form of the game, and the sport is full of magical tales of how darts was invented.

Whatever the truth, there is no doubt that today darts is on the crest of a wave. With £5 million available on the pro circuit this year and audiences of millions on Sky and terrestrial channels, darts has never been healthier.

Recent Mintel research reported six million players in the UK and a player demographic covering all ages and both sexes. From a retail prospective darts has many attractive features:

1. High profit returns on space allocated. Relatively little space is required for a well-stocked darts department. A selection of tungsten darts (say eight price points, five non-tungstens) 100 different accessories and three price points of dartboards, plus dart mats and cabinets, can all be merchandised in a two-metre by one-metre wall area. Generally darts are not a price sensitive area and good margins can be achieved.

2. A retail traffic builder. With the accessories available, players are always looking for something new or different, and this, combined with damage to equipment in play, results in regular return visits to the retailer. While in store, there is every possibility that the consumer will purchase either more darts gear or some other product in the shop.

3. A non-seasonal, year-round winner. With TV tournaments spread out across the calendar, not just in the traditional winter months, demand for darts, and hence retail sales action, is a constant throughout the year. It’s another good reason to be ‘into darts’.

4. The web option. Unlike some sports equipment, darts and accessories are perfect for mail order dispatch. Retailers who have developed an online presence are already benefiting from increased sales. The key to success in this area is managing the site so that what is shown is available. Web shoppers require instant rewards – and not a jiffy bag arriving weeks or months after placing an order.

5. Supporting British industry. Harrows Darts is promoting core values of quality products that the company makes in England. This has resulted in a recognition by players and retailers alike, over the past 35 years, that Harrows Darts not only produces champions on the oche, but the company is also a champion of English technology.

Lets Play Darts!

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