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Aces High jumps for GFORCE

Doggy flyball team Aces High can hold their tails aloft after their human teammates raised their game by investing in a smart new kit by GFORCE from Gymphlex.

The 28 human members of Aces High now have a team shirt and jacket, designed to coordinate with the dogs’ own sports jackets.

Aces High participates in around 20 competitions per year, and also puts on displays at a number of dog shows.

Andy Worrell comments on behalf of Aces High: “As a growing team, we are always looking for new members and these shows are a brilliant showcase for Aces High and a great tool for attracting new members.

“This is one of the reasons we felt it was time to invest in a new kit, so that we project the right image.

“The entire team is now looking great – the dogs in their little sports jackets and the owners in the new GFORCE kit.”

Aces High is part of the British Flyball Association, which currently has around 7,000 members representing 40,000 dogs.

Flyball is a sport in which dogs jump over a series of small barriers to catch a tennis ball before returning to the start.

This team relay sport is popular with dogs from all backgrounds, often strays or rescue dogs. The only prerequisite is that they must like running and chasing balls.

GFORCE was selected by Aces High as it offered the perfect products to suit its needs and could easily be personalised with the two shades of blue and the distinctive team logo.

GFORCE represents a perfect range for smaller teams, as the minimum order is only 10.

In the case of Aces High, it made an initial order for core members and is just about to order again for other members now that funding has become available.

To find out more about GFORCE visit or call Gymphlex on 01507 523243.

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