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Achieve a podium place with GFORCE

It may not be an Olympic medal, but you will certainly look the part if you snap up one of the GFORCE kit bundle offers recently launched by Gymphlex.

This new initiative brings together complete kits for five major UK sporting disciplines – cricket, football, hockey, netball and rugby – offering attractive discounts for those who go for the top to toe GFORCE package.

With three options on offer (Bronze, Silver and Gold) teams and clubs can select the bundle that best suits their needs, saving money while benefiting from a professional quality GFORCE team kit.

“Many of our customers already turn to GFORCE to provide their full kit and this new initiative will mean they will now receive a discount of up to 10 per cent,” Katy Brocklehurst, marketing director at Gymphlex, says.

“However, we also have a loyal band of customers who repeatedly order just one garment from us and we hope this will encourage them to look at the other garments they could have integrated within their team identity.

“Each sport specific bundle has been created to offer the ideal suite of garments for exceptional value.”

The Bronze package for each sport includes a full playing kit – for example, a dress, Velcro patch and undershorts for netball or shirt, shorts and socks for football.

The Silver package includes the garments in the Bronze package, plus one corresponding item – for example, a hoodie or tracksuit top.

The Gold package includes all these garments, plus one further item – for example, a polo shirt.

For more information on this flexible sportswear solution call 0116 255 6326 or visit

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