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Aesson Pro 2018 rounders bat.

Aresson would like to introduce the only aircraft grade aluminium rounders bat of its kind in the game of rounders……the Aresson Pro 2018. As the market leader in rounders, you can trust and expect that Aresson will deliver the best performing rounders bats in the game – the 2018 Aresson Pro is no exception.

• Aresson Pro is crafted from aircraft grade aluminium ensuring it is the most powerful bat in rounders.
• Redesigned with new graphics to create a whole new look for rounders players
• Rebalanced to create a light swing weight whilst maintaining huge hitting power.
• A new, textured handle offers maximum grip and enhances feel to ensure full batting speed.
• Every bat is protected by its own bespoke case which includes a zipped pocket for a ball, car keys or loose change.

Sleek, Powerful, and Technical, the new Aresson Pro is the ultimate rounders bat.
“The Aresson Pro is really nicely balanced for a light swing weight but maximum slogging power! Its definitely the first bat of its kind – this is the bat to play with this season. Plus with its own case, what’s not to love!” Jordan U16 England Player

“The Aresson Pro is the result of a great deal of time and energy spend on product development to create a bat that delivers on technical, big hitting performance whilst also looking and feeling great to play with. We’re really proud of this bat – it’s a definite first for the rounders market and provides the level of equipment now common in other female dominated sports such as hockey, lacrosse and netball” Sophie Wilkinson, Aresson

The Aresson Pro is exclusively available at from 27th March 2018 with a limited number available.

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