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All Set for Snorkelling this Summer with Aqua Lung Sport

All Set for Snorkelling this Summer with Aqua Lung Sport

The team responsible for steady sales growth of Aqua Sphere’s award winning swimming products across the UK is also responsible for the Aqua Lung Sport range of premium made in Italy snorkelling equipment and is now showcasing new and exclusive designs, features and patented technologies for Summer 2016 which keep the brand one step ahead of the competition. Opening up attractive sales revenue potential by covering the holiday needs of newbie or avid snorkelers who trust the construction integrity of a proven name in masks, fins, snorkels, wetsuits, rash guards and travel kit accessories, the Aqua Lung Sport line uses the highest quality materials, technological innovations and contemporary designs to meet the snorkelling needs of ages, from young children to adults, and all abilities.

Aqua Lung Sport products are the result of in-depth technical research, delivering quality, practicality and reliability to assure the retailer of good margins without soaking up too much retail space. New products for Summer 2016 include the Amika short bladed fin which incorporates the ‘Power Flex Zone‘ which optimizes the bending of the blade during kicking, offering impressive propulsion for a short blade fin. Swimmers love this technology because it facilitates maximum kicking power with minimum physical effort, virtually eliminating the foot and leg cramps commonly associated with traditional fins. A bi-material bungee strap and open heel format affords superior comfort and the fin is available in a very wide size range. Also new this year – the Duetto mask and Palau snorkel combo set includes Pivot Dry

Technology which affords a cleaner and easier purge when surfacing from under the water. Pivot-Dry snorkels feature a pivoting top that not only provides an excellent splash guard while on the surface, but also closes and seals out water when the user goes under. Unlike most “dry snorkels” the unique design of the Pivot-Dry top also provides a large open tube for easy breathing while on the surface.

For kids, the ‘Mix‘ combo pool/beach set, manufactured in the freshest and funkiest summer shades, now includes an improved Softeril skirt and a strong silicone strap. Other great combos include the Amika three piece travel set, packed in a robust beach bag to answer those essential Summer holiday needs and including the very latest ‘travel ready’ Amika fins and the premium Vision Flex mask and Airflex snorkel.

From compact combination sets that pack easily into the holiday suitcase to powerful fins and the latest dry top snorkels, Aqua Lung Sport has years of snorkelling and diving experience to create patentend technologies which deliver a powerful choice of snorkelling products which fully answer the modern swimmer’s needs. The sales team is keen to support UK sports retailers to help them achieve the very real sales opportunities which are available by dove tailing key snorkelling kit into or next to an existing swim display. The team has proven its capability in the UK swim sector and is committed to echoing this across snorkelling, working in partnership with the retailer to introduce small runs of product to build interest and develop sales with minimum risk.

Please visit for product info or call the sales team on 01254 692200.

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