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Another Red Dot Design award for X-Bionic

X-Bionic has been awarded another Red Dot Design award for outstanding product design.

The Red Dot Award is only given to elite designers in any given industry. One of the biggest design competitions in the world, it attracted 3,203 entries from 51 countries.

What’s so great about Ski Touring?

• The knitted, three-dimensional, honeycomb structure at shoulder and hip. This construction, (patent pending) helps provide effective back cooling in the area where shoulder and hip belt weigh down against the body. This is managed because the honeycomb area is not flattened by the pressure from straps. As the same time, the honeycomb pads offer effective cushioning and pressure distribution.

• In resting phases, the structures of up to six millimetres in height seals in air and provide insulation to avoid over-cooling. The insulation construction is also employed in the cold-sensitive knee and elbow areas without restricting movement during sports activities.

• The 3D-BionicSphere-System, which adapts to the high physical requirements of touring and other outdoor sports activities, offers a system to transport excess moisture away from the body, whilst allowing a thin film of perspiration on the skin when in active mode. This allows the body to continue cooling in the normal fashion. Any excess sweating is evaporated through various channels and means the wearer is kept dry and warm.

•The compression offered also steadies muscle vibrations, supports the return flow of blood and improves the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.

Continuing with its sports-specific designs, X-Bionic is also launching a range of trekking models with the same features.

For more information contact Nicki Reid at Ardblair Sports Importers Ltd on 01250 873863, email or visit /

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