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Aqua Sphere partners with Ironman

Aqua Sphere has partnered with Ironman to create a line of performance triathlon wetsuits. The collaboration combines Aqua Sphere’s high industry standards and commitment to innovative design with Ironman’s experience and dedication to the sport – a partnership that will soon deliver a new line of wetsuits specially engineered to maximise an athlete’s performance.

“We know water,” says Martin Newton of Aqua Sphere. “We’re not just about high-quality swimming masks – we’ve been dealing with neoprene wetsuits for over 50 years.”

A mainstay in triathlon wetsuits for the past 10 years, Ironman has built a reputation for dependable products. The new line will continue in this tradition – branded Ironman, but powered by Aqua Sphere’s cutting-edge technology. The wetsuits will come in three classifications – Elite, Pro and Competitor – to cater for all levels of triathlete. They will be available at retail from December 2008 and key triathlon events throughout the 2009 season.

Aqua Sphere: 01254 278873.

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