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Aratac Nano Pro 1

Over 2 years in development has allowed us to release a new thin profile stick with a 3D head similar to our famous 3D head shape. The stick has an incredibly light feel on pick up, but the feel belies the power that this stick generates.

With a low bow and a specially designed, thin profiled 3D head, this stick is incredible for elimination skills, 3D skills and distribution. The perfect stick for a passing defender or midfielder. The high carbon content alongside our Nano Resin allows this stick to generate huge power for passing, alongside the feel of a stick that has specifically designed and tested with elimination skills in mind!

Aratac Hockey
Unit 2,
Dalhousie Business Park,
Carrington Road,
EH19 3HY
Telephone: +44 (0)131 660 1222

Nano Pro 1

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