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Are you ready to get dynamic with pricing and promotions?

Digitally empowered shoppers are coming into store armed with more knowledge than ever before – and with a swipe of a smartphone can compare prices and offers in real-time at the shelf edge. This means retailers who can’t quickly and dynamically adapt to competitors’ online promotions could be losing customers, causing them to abandon purchases in the aisle, just at the point of purchase.

With electronic shelf labels (ESLs), sports retailers can power the customer-driven information revolution and feed their need for real-time pricing and promotional offers digitally. ESLs can also allow product and stock information to be displayed on the label via scannable QR codes to improve in-store conversion rates, as the latest ‘Pricer UK Consumer Insight Report 2021’ shows 65% of UK shoppers would be more likely to buy a product in-store when they can easily and clearly access information digitally.

To find out how INTERSPORT and other sports retailers use ESLs to embrace the digital revolution at the shelf-edge, and enhancing CX to improve sales, contact Peter Ward at Pricer on:

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