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Barefoot Science Therapeutic ¾ Length

Get the maximum benefit from the BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Foot Strengthening System – in every shoe – with our ¾ Length Therapeutic insoles!

Similar to walking in sand, Barefoot Science Insoles cause the 20 muscles in each of your feet to fire in a way that makes them stronger. As with any muscle group, the more they are exercised, the stronger they get.
Therapeutic ¾ length is an EXCELLENT choice for athletes as it provides the highest level of mid-arch stimulation. Mid-arch stimulation has been known to reduce proprioception deficits and strengthen neuromuscular pathways between the feet and the brain – enhancing performance, improving static & dynamic balance and contact time.
Clothed in a 2 tone mesh anti-fungal material and containing Poron™ at the heel of the insert – our Therapeutic model is excellent for shock absorption and pressure reduction; which can be ideal for active lifestyles, a robust gait, and high step rate occupancies.
Our ¾ Length Insole is designed specifically for shoes WITHOUT removable insoles.

Therapeutic ¾ Length

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