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BAREFOOTSCIENCE ¾ Length Therapeutic Insoles

Get the maximum benefit from our 7 Step Foot Strengthening System in every shoe with the BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ ¾ Length Therapeutic Insoles!

Achieve the ultimate benefits for your entire body, including:
Strengthened arches
Reduced muscle fatigue
Improved static and dynamic balance
Relief from sore feet and so much more!
The ¾ model is ideal for shoes with non-removable insoles or if you often find yourself switching between pairs of shoes. These insoles are also a great choice for cycling, skiing, snowboarding, and other sports footwear. They range in sizes from XS-XXL.
Clothed in a 2 tone mesh anti-fungal material and containing Poron™ at the heel of the insert – our Therapeutic model is excellent for shock absorption and pressure reduction; which can be ideal for active lifestyles, a robust gait, and high step rate occupancies.
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Therapeutic ¾ Length

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