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BEET IT sport launches nitrate 8000 crystals

BEET IT sport launches nitrate 8000 crystals

Beet It Sport is taking nitrate dosage to the next level with the launch of Nitrate 8000 Concentrated Beetroot Juice Crystals. Each 210g tub contains 8,000mg of dietary nitrate, or 400mg of dietary nitrate per 2-scoop serving – that is three times more nitrate than alternative beetroot powders and crystals marketed to athletes.

Unlike other beetroot powders and crystals, Nitrate 8000 is made from 100% concentrated beetroot juice and contains no preservatives, flavourings, or additives of any kind. The beetroot crystals are Informed Sport certified, are gluten free and vegan, and provide a sufficient controlled dose of dietary nitrate for athletes to ‘beet’ their personal best performances.

Each 210g tub provides up to 40 scoops of crystals, with each 2-scoop serving about 400mg of dietary nitrate (the recommended dosage – equivalent to 1 Beet It Sport shot). The research shows that optimum impact comes from one or two doses being consumed one to three hours before exercise or taken after for recovery.

Jonathan Cartwright, Beet It Sport Brand Manager commented: “Our highly acclaimed and much researched Beet It Sport shots are very intense in flavour – an acquired taste! The new Nitrate 8000 Crystals taste delicious in their own right and can also be sprinkled on breakfast cereals, yoghurt, fruit salad or added to water or other drinks. They will make nitrate supplementation more accessible to the wider sporting community and enable more people than ever to test the limits of their performance.”

The launch of the Nitrate 8000 follows a successful double award-winning year for Beet It Sport, with their Nitrate 400 shots winning ‘Best Pre-workout Product’ and ‘Best Sports Drink’ at the 2020 European Sports Specialist Nutrition Awards. Beet It Sport is the recognised ‘gold standard’ natural nitrate brand with both researchers and elite athletes. Dietary nitrate increases the production of nitric oxide in the blood stream, which improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles, thereby boosting strength and endurance.

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