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blueseventy 2010 wetsuits deliver balanced buoyancy

blueseventy’s 2010 range of wetsuits will feature ‘Balanced Buoyancy’, in recognition that no two athletes are the same.

Athletes swim differently, and therefore require various combinations of fit, flexibility and buoyancy. For those swimmers who need neutral buoyancy, there are the all-new Helix and Reaction. In contrast, swimmers with heavier legs need negative buoyancy, and for them blueseventy introduces the all new Axis and Fusion.

“We continue to push the boundaries to bring swimmers to a new level of excellence in open water,” says blueseventy CEO Steve Nicholls. “Our 2010 line of wetsuits is the antitheses of the popular notion that one size fits all. We match a swimmer’s natural buoyancy and individual muscle fiber composition with the perfect suit for maximum performance.”

Highlights of the collection include:

Negative buoyancy suits for competitors with heavier legs:

With over 85 per cent of triathlon competitors coming from a running, cycling or other sport background, blueseventy recognises that many athletes possess a denser leg make up due to well exercised and established thigh muscles and dense calves.

‘Heavier legs’ leave the majority of triathletes at a distinct disadvantage in the first discipline. blueseventy’s goal is to give the world a faster swimming experience, so the Axis suit has been developed with the focus on centralising buoyancy and balancing out the buoyancy zones.

The lungs provide the body with a large buoyancy zone in the torso. With such large natural floatation, it makes sense for those with buoyancy centered on the upper body to focus the extreme additional suit buoyancy in the lower extremities.

By placing higher buoyancy materials in the hips, thighs and lower leg, the goal of ‘Balanced Buoyancy’ is achieved.

By increasing the height of the lower body and lifting the legs and hips, the body is in a more streamlined position, allowing for a more efficient swim stroke.

• Balanced Buoyancy for increased body alignment and performance delivered through anatomically located blueseventy ‘molecular neoprene’. Designed to deliver superior buoyancy over typical neoprenes.

• Increased feel of the water and propulsion with forearm propulsion panels.

• Anatomically correct 380-flex reach panels for maximum flexibility and arm detachment from the main body.

• Low friction neck to promote comfort and increase sighting comfort.

• Easy-release ankle system for faster transitions.

• Specific Femme Fit upper body panels to accommodate the female form.

This new introduction to the blueseventy wetsuit range is a perfect match for those who are just starting out.

Open water swimming can be daunting, and many new competitors may consider sacrificing comfort and flexibility for a multi-use suit. blueseventy believes that first-time competitors need a suit focused on open water swimming and nothing else.

The Fusion gives swimmers the initial confidence and buoyancy they need.

• Central buoyancy panel for improved body position.

• Dual zip flaps eliminate water entry and a streamline zip reduces drag.

• Anatomical cut and shaped lower leg allows quicker exit from suit.

• Low line collar maximizes comfort.

• Anatomical panel design minimises restriction.

• High stretch large underarm gussets provide freedom of movement in the swim stroke.

• Available in femme Fit sizes WXS through to WLA

Neutral buoyancy suits:

Two generations of Helix have delivered the ultimate swimming experience.

Olympic champions, world champions and the world’s fastest swimmers and triathletes have placed the Helix in a class of it’s own.

The new 2010 Helix is purpose built for a swimmer that requires a highly flexible suit and neutral buoyancy. Unique construction combined with highly flexible materials produce an unrestricted range of movement, while buoyancy panels throughout the suit deliver a higher body position in the water.

The 2010 Helix possesses a unique arm construction that offers flexibility and positioning attributes never before seen in a wetsuit.

The 1mm-thin arms and .1mm-thick forearm catch panel increase the awareness of the arm in the water, giving the swimmer a better awareness of their position to improve stroke efficiency.

Aligned with these benefits there is a unidirectional stretch positioning tape that allows the swimmer to know when their arm is not in the most efficient position.

Combined with the world’s thinnest forearm and sensory catch panel, the Helix aids the swimmer in speed, buoyancy and body positioning – a first for the industry.

The net result of this is a longer, more powerful and efficient stroke. The improved awareness and placement of the arm reduces the risk of injury normally created by the lowering of the elbow during the propulsion phase.

The high stretch TST panels remain, mechanically decoupling the arms from the rest of the suit and working to ‘float’ the arm and improve shoulder extension, stroke length and comfort.

• Proprioceptive arm panels promote better arm position and reduce injury risk, while improving power and propulsion.

• Reverse zipper enhances neck comfort and improves reliability while reducing transition time.

• Silicon seal arm cuffs provide an advanced water seal.

• Knee flex panels for run to transition ease.

• Friction-free neck design with lower profile and more sighting freedom than any other suit.

• Low graded compression in the legs improves blood flow – better preparing you for the bike leg.

For the athlete seeking an incredible value offering with buoyancy focused neoprene technologies, the 2010 Reaction has been significantly upgraded using superior material composition and now represents a suit that possesses the technical qualities of similar suits twice the price.

The Reaction has been designed with a unique air-cell front panel, which improves warmth by creating pockets of air within the suit without reducing buoyancy. The suit also includes enlarged arm gussets and full body low-friction coating.

Combine these features with a suit praised for its superior fit and you have a package that is the perfect mid-range suit for someone not wanting to spend a lot of money, but not wanting to settle for second best either.

• Molecular air trapping neoprene rubber used in the central body panel for increased buoyancy and thermoregulation, strategically placed to improve body position and conserve energy.

• Enlarged arm gussets with 250 per cent stretch and elongation panels delivering improved flexibility.

• Ultra-low friction coating throughout the suit, which creates a lower drag coefficient and enhances hydrodynamics for a quicker overall swim.

• Reaction full sleeve, long john and short styles available.

• Stylish red under-arm highlighting.

• Available in femme Fit sizes WXS through to WLA .

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