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Brabo brings Formula 1 technology to hockey

For the coming season Brabo has taken a few steps closer to the ‘hockey holy grail’ – sticks that are lighter and stronger than ever before.

As with most developments, it is these small steps and improvements that change the sport and give the top players the game changing results they are looking for. Give a top player that extra bit of power and they can leave the others in their wake. It won’t make the player great, but it can make a great player even better.

The sticks are based on a technology taken straight out of the high tech labs that support Formula 1 cars. In this instance, it is a carbon material called TeXtreme. Considered revolutionary in composites technology circles, it is the main reason for the improvements in weight and strength.

The technical information reveals that: ‘The material in technical terms is the result of spreading tows (yarns) into very thin tapes. This enables reinforcements in woven structure as well as unidirectional tapes with mechanical performance and the possibility for weight savings that are unique compared to conventional reinforcements.’

In short and for the less technical, it means less layers of composite and greater strength. In hockey sticks this directly translates to greater hitting power and a lighter stick.

Most hockey brands will claim they have the latest technology every year; in fact, for the less technical and less interested it can all be a bit underwhelming. In terms we can all understand, most top sticks weigh approximately 530-550 grams. With this technology, Brabo can reach weights of 475 grams, which is between 10-15 per cent less, while adding power.

Brands have claimed these types of reductions before, but the sticks have generally suffered increased breakage, which is the last thing a retailer wants. Players will soon change from a brand that causes them to constantly return to their retailer, or worse – post a stick back to an e-tailer.

So Brabo tested these sticks by using Dutch international players and asked them not to hold back. The result, when combined with a special final composite wrap system, works very well. The extra bonus for retailers is that the new material also looks great on the finished product, giving a checkered flag effect, but in typical carbon black on black. The effect is very classy and looks good on the shelf.

This will undoubtedly give Brabo, which is already growing quickly as a brand, a boost to its sales, which are distributed by Sci-Sport Ltd in the UK and Ireland. Samples are already available for those who wish to see them.

There is also a great new junior range for back to school and junior team hockey to look forward to.

Brabo will be represented at the Olympics by some of the best players in the world, which is also expected to have an effect on the player’s recognition of this fast growing brand.

For more information call Sci-Sport on 0116 2627280 or email

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