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Canterbury Jetstream headguard

As the world’s leading rugby brand, it is no surprise that Canterbury of New Zealand’s new Jetstream headguard (RRP £55) continues to set the standard in technical excellence.

The Jetstream is designed using the Venturi air channeling system, more commonly used in cycling helmets, which helps to cool a player’s head significantly during games. As the player runs cold air enters through the channels at the front, whilst hot air is expelled through the ventilation holes in the side. This unique channel design also provides superior comfort and protection. In addition the ultra-lightweight, closed cell foam makes the headguard flexible and breathable without interfering with your peripheral vision. There is also a softened chin strap for additional comfort.

Canterbury’s commitment to innovation allows elite athletes to gain every available competitive edge on the field, making the Jetstream headguard the optimum choice for top international, Super 14 and club players.

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