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Canterbury launches Mercury Compression

Canterbury of New Zealand has redefined technical sports apparel with the launch of Mercury Compression.

This high performance range of hybrid compression garments is designed to enhance athletic performance and accelerate recovery after sustained periods of exercise, and will be worn by Springboks wing Bryan Habana in September’s Rugby World Cup.

Inspired by its use in the medical industry, Mercury Compression uses graded compression in key zones to aid blood circulation (lower leg and lower arm). This in turn can assist in a higher venous return (volume of blood returning to the heart), resulting in faster removal of lactic acid, improved warm-up time and the ability to exercise harder for longer.

Tested extensively by the Progressive Sports Technologies Consultancy based at Loughborough University, the constant compression element of the garment reduces muscle oscillation by up to 50 per cent. As well as assisting technique, this can reduce muscle fatigue and be linked to an improved mean power output.

Independent research has proven that Canterbury Mercury Compression garments can reduce muscle soreness by up to 30 per cent following prolonged periods of exercise. This reduction can be attributed to a delayed lactate onset promoting reduced recovery time and a quicker return to training and competition.

Sweat is transported from the skin’s surface and evaporated by breathable fabric, which, combined with innovative LYCRA SPORT fabric, maintains the optimum level of compression while helping to achieve a constant body temperature.

Setting it apart from its competitors, Mercury Compression’s fabric construction gives a natural feel and stretch to the clothing that is striking in a performance engineered material.

Chris Stephenson, CEO of Canterbury of New Zealand, says: “Canterbury prides itself on being at the cutting edge of performance sportswear technology, and the Mercury Compression range is by far the most advanced apparel we have produced to date.

“Intensive testing and research has gone into producing this range to ensure that Canterbury Mercury Compression is the top performer in its market, allowing the user to gain an edge over competitors and see a tangible difference in their performance and rate of recovery.”

Prof Mike Caine, director of the Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough University, adds: “The preliminary findings of a study carried out by Progressive Sports Technologies found that athletes wearing Canterbury Mercury Compression garments perceived reduced feelings of muscle soreness after exercise, which may in turn lead to a reduced recovery time after exercise.

“Compression garments have been shown to increase blood flow, enhance lactic acid removal and improve some performance measures.”

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