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athletic sports tape X is zinc oxide tape that has strong support for high stress activity.

The d3 athletic strapping tape X is a heavy duty cotton blended tape with a latex free zinc-oxide adhesive. This makes it suitable for taping all joints where a strong premium strapping tape is necessary to fully support joints under high stress. This product is especially suited to high-impact and contact sports such as Rugby, Martial arts, Boxing, Football etc.

Other properties of this tape include
• Great conformity
• Hand tearable | zigzag edges
• Latex free zinc oxide
• Non stretch cotton with good tensile strength
• Ultimate support for functional need
• EC | FDA certified and batch coded
Our d3 ASTX comes in retail & wholesale formats.
Retail PET Format- This only comes in the 38mm x 15m, boxed in a PET box with taping instructions, sold in 6s
Wholesale format – This comes in all four sizes 12.5mm, 25mm, 38mm & 50mm

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