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d3 Light EAB Bandage (elastic adhesive bandage)

Available in 50mm & 75mm x 7.5m in White & Black

Lightweight spandex bandage is the go 2 product for any sport or recreational activity. Perfect as a fixation for padding, knee braces, and cold therapy. For use as relief dressing: contusions, sprains, and bruising hand tear-no need for scissors, the quick application creates a must for any sports or the home
 Superior stretch for full applicational use
 Suitable for general sports taping or medical use
 Stretchy, sticky and strong.
 Can be used to treat sports and non-sports injuries
This elastic adhesive bandage has many uses across all sports, but the most well known use outside injury support is in Rugby where it is used for lineout lifting tape, head bandage, forearm strapping etc.

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