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D3 Tape – Kinesiology Tape X6.0 xtreme

X6.0 waterproof kinesiology is a synthetic rayon blend, acrylic coated, latex-free tape
it helps take pressure off overused muscles, reduce swelling and alleviate pain from injuries
acting as a second layer of skin d3 X6.0 offers support to tired muscles and works with actual skin to increase blood flow and fast track healing in applied areas.

The worlds first 6m length kinesiology tape now in extreme version
Available in six colours with an assorted pack option

• Vibrant colour range in effective packaging
• 20% additional length of great quality
• non pre cut length for full application
• Retailer point of difference
• Latex free adhesive
• Waterproof option
• Elasticity +1.2
• Inners Of 6

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