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Ektio The Revolution

Here is a close look at the revolutionary new Ektio range:

Wraptor black/white

• Light-as-air high top with cut-back ankle in black action leather with black mesh and opposing colour underlays provides a superior breathability upper.

• Accents include a black patent leather toe and ankle details, black midsole and black bumpers.

• The evolutionary designed carbon fibre shank of the shoe is revealed at the arch of the foot.

• The two black patent leather and velcro straps with a white embroidered Ektio logo run through a colour coded buckle.

• A heavy duty webbed tab at the ankle assists pull on.

• Inner game technology includes a proprietary foam fabrication that assists the forefoot and heel with shock absorption.

Further details:

• Leather and mesh.

• Rubber sole.

• Straps built into wall of shoe to support ankle ligaments.

• Strategically located anti-rollover bumpers on outside to prevent shoe inversion.

• Doctor invented, basketball player approved.

• Clinically tested: allows for rock solid ankle support while not inhibiting any other motions of the ankle.

• No longer need to wear tape or braces while playing your sport.

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