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Eyepod – The Breakaway frames are suitable for all sports including cycling, skiing, running/walking

The Breakaway frames are suitable for all sports including cycling, skiing, running/walking, motorbiking, golf, shooting, fishing and archery.

Prescription lens, made to your requirements.

The prescription is worked into the lens and is available in either single vision, bifocal or varifocal options. Bifocals and varifocals are an excellent choice for those who use reading glasses or have difficulty reading their speedo/garmin, for puncture repairs or for reading menus etc. For more information on our sports technology varifocal lenses please see here.

We offer a wide range of lens colour/tint choices including grey, brown, clear, blue, green, yellow and amber along with five mirrored lens options. Lenses are available in standard, transitions and polarised options. For more information about our lens choices, please see here.


Although the frames are made to be light weight they are still very strong. The frames are black, carbon or red/black in colour.

Additional lenses

The Breakaway has the unique click system making it quick and easy to change to a different coloured prescription lens for different light conditions.

Accessories & Extras

The package also includes a microfibre cleaning cloth along with a hard case and sports cord.

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