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Fit for Use GORE® WINDSTOPPER products

“Fit for Use”: GORE® WINDSTOPPER® products
The ideal choice: versatile garment solutions for multiple requirements.

GORE® WINDSTOPPER® products are probably the most versatile garments on the market:
they are lightweight, robust, extremely breathable and offer reliable, 100 percent protection from
the wind. GORE’s brand partners produce an extensive range of garments for a wealth of activities.
These include pants, jackets, base layer garments, short- and long-sleeved tops, gloves, accessories,
arm warmers and headgear. Designers are given many options but the ultimate focus I always on
consumer benefits. More than fifty brand partners have risen to the challenge and responded to
their customers’ needs in their own distinctive ways.

What should I wear? If you are about to go outside, wind and weather are a major concern. With a
GORE® WINDSTOPPER® garment tailored to the activity and the time of year, you are best equipped.
Base layer: 1beats2 – GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product technology as one and only layer.
Presented by GORE® in Fall 2015 this concept was inspired by professional cyclists: on longer bike rides,
cyclists often face a difficult temperature range of 10-20 degrees Celsius (50-70 degrees Fahrenheit) with
varying weather conditions and work rates.

Garments made with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product
technology are just as breathable as conventional cycling jerseys. All that donning and doffing of windproof
cycling jackets (taking up time and disrupting the rhythm) has become a thing of the past as Gore has
developed a new class of cycling jersey – a once-piece garment: “1beats2”. Combined with armwarmers,
Gore’s “1beats2” jersey offers the optimal level of comfort and protection in a broad temperature range.
The lightweight, elastic 3-layer GORE® WINDSTOPPER® laminates, which allow you to construct form fitting
jerseys, are extremely breathable, reduce the risk of overheating, deliver considerable thermal protection
and are totally windproof. These styles are also the right choice for other highly aerobic activities such as
running. Alongside comfort and protection, GORE® WINDSSTOPPER® “1beats2” styles offer wearers the
benefit of reduced weight and optimum body temperature management: a jacket is not needed and fewer
layers mean better breathability.

An example: GORE BIKE WEAR® ALP-X PRO GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Zip-Off Jersey

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