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Forward-thinking sneaker protection that goes the distance with you

Sneakers can take a beating, but with Cherry Blossom’s latest, dedicated Sneaker range you can revive and protect your most worn footwear. With protective products specifically designed to rejuvenate on-the-go sneakers, helping to extend their life. Cherry Blossom, the only British manufacturer of shoe care products, has undergone a major rebrand, with its forward-thinking product design reflecting the brand’s innovative clean, care and protect ethos.

Forward-thinking trainers need rejuvenating solutions that can go the distance with wearers. Thankfully, Cherry Blossom’s new Sneaker range has the needs of its customer at its heart with specially designed protection that is dedicated specifically to the needs of this particular shoe category. Truly innovative, Cherry Blossom has created products with specific and tailored results in the range’s five brand-new offerings. For example, sneakers are often white, meaning stains are tougher to hide or remove so Cherry Blossom’s Sneaker Wipes are dual-sided. The rough side of the wipe tackles tough stains and the smooth side is intended for general cleaning, giving you bespoke shoe care options.

The Midsole Reviver Kit restores trainer midsoles using a powerful foam cleaner alongside a wooden brush that targets stubborn, embedded dirt. The Reviver Kit lifts ingrained dirt, giving your sneakers a vital refresh. Sneakers are often made from many different materials, making a flexible, well-rounded cleaner essential, such as Cherry Blossom’s Gel Cleaner. Working with all upper materials, users can even clean sneakers made using canvas, suede and nubuck. With Sneaker Shield offering powerful protection, sneakers can stay protected from rain and stains whatever the weather or outing.

The Sneaker range meets growing consumer needs, suitable for the use of new footwear materials such as nubuck, leather, suede and fabric in on-the-go shoes, whilst also contending for the unpredictable British weather. The range is also environmentally responsible, with Cherry Blossom using eco-friendly processes and componentry such as using locally sourced materials in the UK throughout its production chain which are recognised with globally-recognised accreditations.
With efficiency and reliability at every stage of the manufacturing process, from design to product, the Cherry Blossom Sneaker range offers expert footwear protection to meet a new, modern consumer or ‘sneakerhead’.

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