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Award-winning Danish brand MIIEGO launches the new and improved AL3+ FREEDOM earphones, designed specifically for sport.

Fed up of wireless earphones that lose battery life quickly? AL3+ FREEDOM earphones have an extended battery time of 11 hours – more than enough for that marathon training run, or all-day trek.

Designed by the wireless earphone experts at MIIEGO, the AL3+ FREEDOM headset has an ultra-secure fit, guaranteed to stay in place. Totally wireless, these earphones allow you the freedom to focus only on your fitness, without wires in the way. No wires, no worries.

The earphones also have a lightweight, ergonomic design, making them perfect for running, the gym, mountain biking or yoga. Whatever your sport, these earphones won’t budge, thanks to their soft and flexible neckband. The AL3+ come with a specific women’s fit, making the AL3+ FREEDOM a more prescriptive, specialised choice than traditional unisex headgear. 

Key Features:

Long battery life of 11 hours
Excellent sound quality
Sweatproof and water resistant
Built-in microphone – never miss a call again
Work with all bluetooth devices

Price: £79
Colours: Classic Black, Rose Gold
Available from:

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