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Gold for the PowerBar Recovery Drink

PowerBar Protein Recovery Drink has just achieved the highest commendation from running legend Haile Gebrselassie, who called it “God’s Drink”. And to celebrate PowerBar will now be offering the Recovery Drink in a special Gold livery, a colour Haile is more than familiar with.

PowerBar ProteinPlus Recovery Drink shortens the recovery phase and improves muscular regeneration, thanks to its ideal blend of carbohydrates and ‘Trisource Protein’.

Research shows that carbohydrate reservoirs are refilled more effectively in the first two hours after sports activities when the athlete’s body has a need for high-quality protein (amino acids). PowerBar’s specially developed Trisource Protein proteins are derived from whey, milk and soy to cope with the demands of an athlete’s body when recovering.

For those looking to try the new ‘Golden’ PowerBar Protein Plus Recovery Drink, as of April 2007 a smaller 385g tub will be available. PowerBar Protein Plus will also be available in a 1.2 kilo size for those athletes already familiar with the great taste and recovery benefits.

PowerBar Recovery Drink contains an ideal combination of fast access carbohydrates, including Trisource protein to accelerate muscular regeneration, with the correct balance of vitamin and minerals, which helps to stabilise the immune system with glutamine supporting the muscle protein-synthesis. The drink is easy to mix and tastes great with water or milk.

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