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Gregory keeps backpacks fresher, longer

US brand Gregory, one of the most iconic names in the outdoor industry, has launched this Spring 2021, two new backpacks featuring Polygiene Stays Fresh® technology from the Swedish firm. The Kalmia and Katmai are both designed for trekking and are set to be in high demand as many parts of the world open up following the lifting of Covid restrictions
Both backpacks feature Gregory’s ventilated FreeFloat 360 suspension system, which is engineered for stable, responsive support. Polygiene Stays Fresh technology is applied to the mesh that covers the entire suspension and is formulated to last for years of demanding use on the trail.

The validation of Polygiene came initially from Gregory’s extensive testing process and in-which all packs are sent to their headquarters for a post-mortem review, as Gregory Product Line Manager, Matt Connors explains below.

“Our testers will use these packs for weeks and months on places like the AT (Appalachian Trail) where the packs are constantly inundated with sweat and bacteria from the wearers body. By the time they get to us, they smell awful. It turns out that sweat odor is a chief complaint amongst our testers and for some, becomes reason enough to not want to wear the pack.” Connors continues, “it became clear that Polygiene had a commitment to science and helping us understand efficacy. What really impressed us was the data on safety, resource use, and potential benefits toward extending the life of the product.”
Gregory, who has a strong commitment to sustainability, opted to use Polygiene Stays Fresh technology to help extend the life of their products. The technology works by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria and stops the odor at the source, permanently. Therefore, as in the case for the Gregory testers, prevents a product from being prematurely discarded because it smells.

As well as allowing wearers to use the Kalmia (available in a women’s specific fit 50L or 60L) or the Katmai (available in a men’s specific fit 55L or 65L) for a greater length of time, the treatment also means the backpacks are more likely to be sold on into the thriving secondhand market, helping keep the products alive even longer.

Polygiene’s Commercial Director for the West Cost, Bobby Howell adds, “we couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with one, if not the leader in performance backpacks and feel strongly the extended life potential of these backpacks is crucial and a key USP for the end-consumer.”

For more details of the new Katmai and Kalmia from Gregory, visit

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