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How the shelf-edge can become the key to your stockroom

How the shelf-edge can become the key to your stockroom

Do your store staff spend hours running backwards and forwards from the stockroom to check availability of products? With electronic shelf label (ESL) capabilities you can bring the stockroom to the aisle, creating operational efficiencies while enhancing customer experience (CX) at the shelf-edge.

Featuring scannable QR codes, store associates have real-time visibility of stock, allowing them to quickly see what inventory is available and in which size so they can focus time on customer service, rather than endless trips to and from the stockroom.

Additionally, the QR codes can also be used to improve shopper engagement, allowing the customer to find out more about the product or brand, or order online should the size or model they are looking for be sold out in store.

To explore how INTERSPORT and other sports retailers use ESLs to create operational efficiencies whilst enhancing CX, contact Peter Ward at Pricer on:

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