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Hyperice recognised for technological innovation that facilitates athletes’ recovery

The ice compression brand has won the HeiQ Fitness award from ISPO BRANDNEW, an international competition that rewards the best innovations in the sports industry.

Developed in the United States, Hyperice combines cutting-edge design with the benefits of cryotherapy and compression.

The technology fuses the cold’s antalgic and anti-inflammatory properties with the draining ones of compression, enabling both the reduction of oedemas and healing of tissues.

Hyperice products are used for procedures that are both curative (treatment for wounds, post-operative care, etc) and preventative (recovery after intense physical training).

Its patented system is composed of two elements whose combined effects provide optimal recovery for athletes:

• An antimicrobial ultra-thin ice chamber that immediately transfers the cold to the zone being treated. The air release valve expulses air pockets, delivering precise and uniform icing.

• An adjustable compression wrap that increases the cold’s penetration in the tissues, providing comfort and freedom of movement.

Hyperice will be exhibiting at ISPO MUNICH on January 26-29 (Hall C2).

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