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Ice Bag & Neoprene Wrap

The Ice Bag & Neoprene Wrap is a very effective and efficient way of combining cooling
and compression. The Wrap conforms to the area of the body using the velcro attachments
to hold the Ice Bag in place, which helps reduce pain and swelling, and improves recovery
from an injury.

Ice Bag & Neoprene Wrap
• Ideal for use on body parts such as a knee, ankle,
thigh or shoulder
• The Ice Bag is designed to provide immediate
treatment for soft tissue injuries, bruises, muscle
pain and swelling by moulding around the problem
• The Wrap is a very effective way of combining cold
therapy with compression, to assist with the
recovery from injury
• Simply insert the head of the Ice Bag into the centre
hole of the Neoprene Wrap and attach to the
injured area using the velcro attachments
Includes: 25cm Ice Bag, Ice Bag Wrap 20.5 x 75.5cm

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