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Koolpak Elasticated Cold Wrap

Koolpak Elasticated Cold Wrap provides cooling relief for bruising and sprains

• While the cooling relieves the discomfort, the compression helps control the swelling around the problem area, to assist recovery
• The bandage is small, light and easy to use
• The stretchy material can easily fit around any part of the body, making it a great alternative to an instant ice pack
• Remains cold for up to 2 hours
• The wrap can be cut to required size and the remaining wrap can be resealed in the airtight zip bag, to be used at a later date
• Single use
• Contains Medical Cotton, Latex Rubber, Glycol, Alcohol, Menthol and Water
• Available sizes – 7.5cm x 2m and 7.5cm x 4.5m

To place an order call our sales team on: 0800 180 4285 or request a quote

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