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?LA Muscle’s new breakthrough protein

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sports supplements, LA Muscle has been asked by millions of its loyal customers worldwide to produce a range of products that offer excellent value for money without lacking in quality. In response LA Muscle will be launching ‘Your Protein ‘ this month, which will be available to order at
‘Your Protein’ is a formula of 100 per cent pure whey protein mixed with a quantity of soy isolate – the purest quality of soy available. For some time there has been much debate regarding the effectiveness of whey protein versus soy protein within the fitness industry. Soy protein has always been viewed as the lesser of the two because of its more gradual rate of digestion and absorption into muscle tissue. Recent studies conducted by Greg Paul, PhD, a nutritionist and global director of nutrition strategy at The Solae Company, indicate that using a combination of both whey and soy protein, along with a regular exercise ‘may provide a prolonged, deliberate release of amino acids to key muscle groups.’ Dr Paul suggests that you would then actually ‘benefit from their different rates of digestion and amino acid absorption’ as the two ingredients would then complement each other. Soy is low in cholesterol and high in fibre. Research has shown that by including the right amount of soya in your nutrition regime you reduce the risk of heart disease, while increasing antioxidant activity in your body. These unique health benefits help to promote gains in leaner muscle mass and can aid your muscles to a speedy recovery post-workout.

‘Your Protein’ is available to order from at £49.99 plus free delivery for 5kg (about three months’ supply for an average athlete) and comes in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavours.

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