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McDavid Hex Leg Protection Sleeves / Pair

For everyone looking to protect against knee impact and injuries during sports and activities. Highly fashionable and machine washable. These sleeves are padded with the unique HEX™ technology created by McDavid. Hex Technology is superior, closed cell foam padding, uniquely and permanently bonded to our high quality hDc™ moisture management fabric. Our Hex Technology has been copied and pirated around the world, but we remain the leaders, the innovators and the preferred choice. Countless professional and amateur athletes choose to wear McDavid Hex Technology.

BEST IN CLASS PATENTED HEX® PROTECTION – Features our patented 9mm HEX® Technology that is a favourite among High School, Pro and Collegiate players for its reliable durability in game. Perfect on-court or in-field protection for Basketball, Football, Volleyball & more.
ENHANCED FIT AND COMFORT – Extended length for better fit as well as added protection against cuts and scratches
MOISTURE-WICKING TECH – hDc® Moisture Management Technology is all about cool and dry
UNISEX – Designed for both Men and Women
Machine Washable/Dryable
Includes one pair

Hex Leg Protection Sleeves / Pair [6446]

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